• [Dredd: Illustrated Movie Script & Visuals (Product Image)]
  • Discontinued Dredd: Illustrated Movie Script & Visuals
    From: 2000AD, and Judge Dredd
    Universe: 2000AD
    Author: Alex Garland
    Artist: Jock
    Published by: Rebellion Books
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


This amazing book also includes an introduction and notes from concept and comics artist Jock and an exclusive introduction from screenwriter Alex Garland.

‘Part of [Jock’s] huge contribution was a full-length comic book version of the script, that we distributed to everyone from financiers to crew. His paintings and sketches were one of the quickest and most effective way of conveying the look and tone of the project. When - a very long time later - the picture was locked, I could see his input had pervaded the film at all levels.’

This is the never-before-seen complete comics adaptation from the movie’s pre-production and is markedly different from the finished film, it also includes the full pre-production screenplay and accompanying concept art. Available in a beautifully designed edition, produced in conjunction with Jock, this will be sought after by fans the world over.