• [Cavewoman: Fallen (One Shot - Cover A Rob Durham) (Product Image)]
  • Discontinued Adult Cavewoman: Fallen (One Shot - Cover A Rob Durham)
    Author: Rob Durham
    Artist: Rob Durham
    Published by: Amryl Entertainment
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


Following the direction of the fallen star from the conclusion of Cavewoman: Journey #2, Meriem and Klyde discover that the meteor isn’t what they thought it was.

Back in town, the merciless gang leader Blackstone has Professor Cook marked for death by a former marine, now mercenary, called ‘Tripwire.’ Unaware of this, the Prof. and Corporal Mack continue their search to find Meriem, hoping to bring her home and back to Bruce whom she believes is still dead.