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  • The Art Of Watch Dogs (Limited Edition Hardback)

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    Signed by: John Bigorgne
    Author: Andy McVittie
    Published by: Titan Books

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Product Description

Since its debut at E3 2012, Watch Dogs has quickly become one of the most highly anticipated games, receiving more than 150 awards and nominations, to date, including IGN’s Best Action Game, GameSpot’s Best of Show and Gamesource.IT’s Best Multiplayer Gamer.

The Art of Watch_Dogs is the definitive gallery of the world of Aiden Pearce. Sketches, concept art, and behind the scenes commentary from the artists bring to life a vision of Chicago controlled by cTOS and inhabited by hackers, criminals, and underground gangs.

Watch_Dogs’ Chicago is realised in astonishingly gritty detail. Explore the city from the rich and opulent Mad Mile to the dangerous streets of The Wards and the junkyards of Pawnee. But the cTOS network is not the only thing Aiden has to watch out for, all the way from the notorious hacker Defalt to the upper echelons of local government, nobody in Watch_Dogs is what they seem.

Comes with 291 x 218 art print, signed by concept artist John Bigorgne.

Limited to 500 copies world wide.

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  • Hardback
Cat. No.
  • 2980966
  • 9781783290833
  • 9781783290833