• [Evil Empire #1 (Limited Phantom Edition) (Product Image)]
  • Discontinued Evil Empire #1 (Limited Phantom Edition)
    Author: Max Bemis
    Artist: Ransom Getty
    Published by: Image Comics
    • Discontinued

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After Polarity, we just had to work with writer (and Say Anything lead singer) Max Bemis again, and his thrilling take on how a modern society could evolve into an evil empire is absolutely terrifying.

Told through the perspective of an underground rapper named Reese, Max Bemis’ gripping story explores a scenario in which we watch modern society gradually evolve (or is it devolve?) into an evil empire.

Every fan of fiction is aware of the trope of the ‘evil, sinister empire’ i.e. the Empire in Star Wars. Oftentimes, when we are introduced to these totalitarian establishments, they are already fully in power and it’s up to our hero to bring back order and peace. However, in evil empire, we explore how that would unfold in a real-world setting. how close to the precipice are we right now in the world we live in? Would we let it happen? more specific to this tale: Would we secretly want it to happen?