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Stony Man: Pulse Point

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Product Description

  • Author
    Don Pendleton  
    Cat No.
    Science Fiction  
    Gold Eagle Books  
  • Stony Man

    Ready to take on the most dangerous missions, the elite members of the Stony Man team are the world’s best black ops and cyber technicians. When the President has nowhere else to turn, these shadow warriors work under the radar on top secret White House assignments. They’re willing to sacrifice their lives to uphold freedom, save innocent lives and protect the United States from terrorism.

    Dead Zone

    From a vessel off the Hawaiian coastline, North Korea launches a test of its latest tech, a nonnuclear electronic pulse weapon, and cripples a U.S. Coast Guard station. Worried the next attack will cover a larger area and put civilians at risk, the President is determined to kill the project before the threat is realized. Phoenix Force must infiltrate North Korea and destroy the weapon facility, while Able Team flies to the Aloha State to recover the testing equipment before it falls into the wrong hands. But the North Koreans aren’t fighting fire with fire, and Stony Man must race to uncover and disengage this covert technology…before there’s another strike.

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