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Excel Saga 27

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  • Stories the director himself said they didn’t dare put in the anime!

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Product Description

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    Rikdo Koshi  
    Rikdo Koshi  
    Trade Paperback  
    Cat No.
    Anime & Manga  
    Viz Communications  
    Graphic Novel  
  • Stories the director himself said they didn’t dare put in the anime!

    Q: What happens when you try to act like an anime character in real life? A: EXCEL SAGA. Two groups of neighbors in an apartment building lead secret lives. One thinks they’re trying to take over the city of Fukuoka. The other thinks they’re trying to defend it. Only their bosses, would-be conqueror Lord Il Palazzo and obsessed bureaucrat Dr. Kabapu, know the truth behind this increasingly dangerous private game… Too bad neither will let their underlings in on it!

    The final volume is here! Excel, who had seemed back to her old self, is now a stranger once more after making contact with something—or someone—beyond the forbidden portal. Will she be the captive in the end of a tragedy that happened so long ago? There is but one power that can prevail over all the mysteries of human knowledge—namely, the power of Excel’s ego. You didn’t think she’d ever forgotten about world conquest…did you? The ignorant masses will kneel at last before the spectacular conclusion of the aptly named…Excel Saga!

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