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Berserk is a tactical wargame in which players use cards instead of miniatures. It was first published in Russia in 2003 and it has become the most popular card game in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

There are already several tabletop games, video games

and fantasy novels by award winning authors based on the Berserk universe. First published a decade ago, Berserk has since received 20 expansions and more than 4000 different cards with beautiful illustrations.

Berserk boasts original gameplay, a mix of a battle card game and a skirmish wargame. Every creature under your control is represented by a card and your goal is to crush your opponent with the gathered force.

Berserk ‘War of the Realms‘ is a boxed edition of the popular game for the international market. It consists of 6 ready-to-play 30-card decks and 63 cards for customization.

Begin your first battle! Let your victory determine the fate of the realms!

The first addition, Knights & Villains, is available at the same time as the main game to complement to this fantasy world.


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