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  • Currently Unavailable Batman: Elite Vehicles: 1966 Batmobile With Batman & Robin Figures
    From: DC, and Batman
    Universe: DC
    Manufacturer: Mattel
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Produced by Hotwheels this amazing Batmobile arrives, for the first time ever, complete with figures!

In 1955, the Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company designed and built a concept ‘car of the future’ named “The Futura.” It was a two-seat grand touring car with instruments housed in the steering wheel, a push-button transmission, exterior microphones to pick up and transmit traffic sounds, and a host of other innovative devices. It was a ‘rolling laboratory’ from which Ford would learn about new technology to apply to their production automobiles. The car was built entirely by hand in Turin, Italy and, like many concept cars, was never put into production. In the mid 1960’s, George Barris of Barris Kustom City acquired the car directly from Ford.

The story goes that he was approached by producers from Fox who were going to be doing a BATMAN TV Series and needed an exotic car. George sketched out a version of the Futura with suitable “Bat” alterations and presented it to the producers. George felt it was the perfect answer, considering the bat-like qualities his Futura already had and the fact that the car had to be ready for action in a mere three weeks. Sometime later in October of 1965, the BATMOBILE was born. Our new 1:18th scale model of this iconic vehicle features non-removable Batman and Robin figures! This die-cast model will impress even the biggest BATMAN fan with its accuracy and excellent detail

Hot Wheels Elite Cult Classics Series. Collector series of the most iconic movie and TV vehicles. Opening doors, trunk, and hood reveal detailed interior and engine. Custom package themed to the entertainment. Secured in polyfoam in a closed black box. Size: 10”

Scale: 1:18

Front and Rear Light Details:

Photo Etched Parts

Opening Doors

Opening Hood

Opening Trunk


Free wheeling


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