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The Secret Garden - The Long Road To Divinity: Lord Eruth and his mysterious unseen brother rule over a society where children with magical powers live in permanent fear of growing up. Into this world comes Buju and his followers, on their way to confront the Chojin in Osaka. At first welcomed, then imporisioned, they discover a moment too late that the children in the Secret Garden are not as friendly as they seem. Eruths power is fading fast and to rejuvinate himself he needs to drink the blood of Himi, whom Buju is sworn to protect. Quest End The long awaited meeting of Chojin and Kyo-O is about to take place, but there are other palyers in the game. Faust has returned form the dead and enlists Princess Yoen in another intriquign event, the murder of Amano. While Buju fights to protect Himi, Amano fights for his life as half a lifetime of enemies return to haunt him. If Buju succeeds the Three Worlds will be united. If Yoen succeeds, Amano will die. And if Faust succeeds he will become ruler of the world for all eternity.

Prepare yourself for the final, shattering chapter in the Urotsukidoji series. English subtitles


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