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  • Currently Unavailable Infinity: Companion (Hardcover)
    From: Marvel
    Universe: Marvel
    Authors: Kelly Sue DeConnick, and 9 more
    Artists: Steven Sanders, and 10 more
    Published by: Marvel Comics
    £62.09 RRP £89.99
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All roads lead to Infinity!

As the Thunderbolts, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Fearless Defenders, the Superior Spider-Man, Luke Cage’s new Mighty Avengers, Wolverine’s Jean Grey School, the Avengers Academy and more face off against Thanos’ invading hordes on Earth, the war’s second front is fought in deep space where Spider-Woman and Black Widow plot to rescue Captain Marvel, the Avengers battle the Builders, the new Nova takes on Thanos’ forces with help from the New Warriors and Star-Lord debates betraying the entire universe!

Collecting Captain Marvel (2012) #15-16, Thunderbolts (2012) #13-18, Avengers Assemble #18-20, Infinity: The Hunt #1-4, Mighty Avengers (2013) #1-3, Nova (2013) #8-9, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #3-4, Infinity: Heist #1-4, Fearless Defenders #10, Secret Avengers (2013) #10-11, Guardians Of The Galaxy (2013) #8-9 and Wolverine & The X-Men Annual #1.