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In the future of Android: Netrunner, humanity is extending its reach to the far edges of the solar system, refinements in brain mapping technology have driven the evolution of bioroids intelligent enough to join us in the workplace, and a handful of companies control the vast majority of the world’s resources.

These megacorporations are all household names. They’re responsible for the buildings in which we live, as well as the threedees and sensies that we stream. Their logos are splashed across the cityscapes, and their influence pervades every level of society.

Now, as the elite hackers known as “runners” continue their silent, subversive series of assaults against their servers and assets, these vast corporations have a chance to assess the effectiveness of the strategies they’ve developed through the Core Set and Genesis Cycle. Are they functional? Are they fully future proof? Or is it time to invest more fully in powerful operations and, perhaps, even to risk negative public exposure in order to take some truly drastic action? Just how dark can a corporation become before it suffers from the backlash?

The sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty individual cards) from Opening Moves introduce a wealth of new programs, resources, agendas, ice, and operations. You’ll find a wide range of wildly innovative cards, from the Anarch’s Caïssa programs and the Shaper’s Stealth chip to NBN’s executive asset and new Illicit ice for the Corp. These cards will allow you to pursue new deck-building themes and take entirely new approaches to the game’s challenges.


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