• [Amazing Figure Modeler #56 (Product Image)]
  • Discontinued Amazing Figure Modeler #56
    Published by: Terry Webb
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


Join Amazing Figure Modeler’s ‘Modelnauts’ as they reach towards the stars with a galaxy-sized salute to outer space and beyond! The cosmic coverage blasts off for the Outer Limits with Saturn Ltd’s alien Thetan model and then it’s off to space drift with the cool stylings of Toi Ogunyoko’s futuristic Astronaut kit. Sci-fi Hardware will be front and center with Pegasus’ all new Nautilus sub making a big retro splash and then it’s on to tracking down Moebius’ Lost in Space Chariot for some hyper drive detailing. Next, strap on a rocket pack and blast off on a nostalgic adventure with Screamin’s Rocketeer. Whether you’re into Aliens, Astronauts, or just plain ole’ kick ass modeling, space in the place as Afm presents a planet-sized look at the amazing kits that orbit the realm of Sci-Fi Fantasy!