• [Doctor Who: Replica: TARDIS Door (Hand Painted Emulsion Version) (Product Image)]
  • Doctor Who: Replica: TARDIS Door (Hand Painted Emulsion Version)

    • Discontinued
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


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Product Description

Rubber Toe Replicas are pleased to present the screen accurate TARDIS “PULL TO OPEN” door. We have measured the original, spoken with the carpenters, chatted with the painters, sourced the handles and original paint and tracked down the CAD files for the lettering.

This little piece of British iconic history is now available to be yours, made entirely at the Rubbertoe workshops from laser cut opal perspex and black lettering, chrome plated door handle and a wooden frame, finally finished with a dusting of satin lacquer.

Please note: we offer the door in two different finishes; the first is the blue that features on the present Matt Smith TARDIS which is a hand painted emulsion paint. The second is a sprayed automotive paint that was used on the previous Matt Smith TARDIS.