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Legend Of The Five Rings: The Book Of Fire

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  • Feel the heat with the Legends of Five Rings RPG: Book of Fire!

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  • Feel the heat with the Legends of Five Rings RPG: Book of Fire!

    The Book of Fire is the third in a series of elemental sourcebooks for the Legend of the Five Rings Role-playing Game, books that explore the themes of the five elemental Rings. The Book of Fire explores the many aspects of samurai culture that center upon the tempestuous Fire Ring and its aspects. From the silent intensity of the poet to the blazing chaos of the field of battle, every aspect of the fearsome essence of Fire will be examined. In this book you will find:

    An extensive examination on the Emerald Empire’s emphasis on the art of kenjutsu, the way of the sword, and its many aspects, including how thousands of samurai across the land are trained in its intricacies each and every year.

    A detailed discussion of the most sacred of all crafting arts: swordsmithing.

    The power of Fire magic in its many aspects, from sheer destruction to repair, inspiration, and enhancement.

    New Fire-centered Kiho and new monastic orders associated with Fire.

    The Hundred Stances Dojo, a new and detailed Fire-themed campaign setting that can be inserted into any L5R game.

    And much more!

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