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  • Currently Unavailable Encyclopedia Of Early Earth (Hardcover)
    Author: Isabel Greenberg
    Artist: Isabel Greenberg
    Published by: Jonathan Cape Publishing
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A debut graphic novel of stunning beauty, huge originality and brilliant story-telling by a young British author of huge promise

A long time after the Big Bang, but long before giant reptiles first began to swim about the watery oceans of our planet, there is a little-known segment of Earth’s history. This era, this unrecorded time, is known to those who study it as Early Earth.

Early Earth has two poles, North and South, where live two distinct peoples, the Nords and the Su-its, who on the whole have nothing to do with each other, first because they rarely venture from their own lands, and second because - like magnets - they actually repel each other. So when a Nordic explorer finds his way to the South Pole and falls in love with a Su-it girl, their story is likely to be tragic.

Theirs is just one of the tales in this wonderful book. Others tell of three sisters who find a lost baby and adopt him, but,each one wanting him for herself, they persuade the Medicine Man to split him into three . with dire consequences; the boy becomes a storyteller and travels the Earth to strange lands telling his epic tales.

Isabel Greenberg has created an entire world, and populated it with gods and monsters . and humans, creations of the great god of Early Earth, BirdMan and his two children, the Ravens, who delight in meddling in their lives.


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