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All 13 episodes from the first series of the Japanese anime that follows the complicated adventures of an everyday schoolboy zombie.

Brought back to life by mute necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe after being mortally wounded by a serial killer, zombie Ayumu Aikawa now finds himself living with his cute saviour. If that wasn’t weird enough, the appearance of a chainsaw-wielding ‘Magical Garment Girl’ heralds a new phase for Ayumi, when, after Eucliwood’s intervention, he emerges as the world’s first magical girl zombie, complete with pink frilly dress. The episodes are: ‘Yes, I Am a Masou-Shoujo’, ‘No, I’m a Bloodsucking Ninja’, ‘Yes, I Have Twin Tails’, ‘Am I Radiant?’, ‘Yes, It’s Miyako Tofu’, ‘Yes, I Am the Harbinger of Death’, ‘Hey, What School Do You Go To?’, ‘Hehe, I’m a School Wife’, ‘Yes, I’m a Great Stripper’, ‘No, That Will Explode’, ‘Yes, Stay at My Place!’, ‘Yes, Still Goes On’ and ‘Eh? This Is the Final Episode?’.


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