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A Long Way Away

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Product Description

  • Artist
    Frank Viva  
    Frank Viva  
    Cat No.
    Science Fiction  
    Little, Brown  
    Graphic Novels  
  • Embark on a journey beyond our wildest dreams!

    Start from one end of the book, and you’re up in space. Follow a sweet creature’s journey as he floats down and away from his home planet . . .through outer space . . . past the moon, into Earth’s atmosphere. . . . splashing down through the ocean’s surface…and finally to the bottom of the sea, where he snuggles in for some well-needed rest.

    Or, start from the other end, and you’re on the ocean floor. Our creature awakens and begins to float up through a watery undersea world…breaking through the surface and into the sky…beyond the clouds and past the moon…through the galaxy…to the far reaches of distant space…Until at last, he arrives home to be embraced by a cozy alien family on a distant planet.

    A LONG WAY AWAY is a wondrous and surprising journey; one that is vast, beautiful, and sometimes treacherous, but always resolves in the most comforting way - our charming creature is either venturing up to go home, or floating down to go to bed.

    Beautifully spare text is paired with art rich with vibrant detail, from schools of fish to airplanes to spaceships, comets, and planets; here is surprising and marvelous flight of fancy from rising star Frank Viva.

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