• [Doctor Who Classics #4 (Product Image)]
  • Discontinued Doctor Who Classics #4
    Universe: Doctor Who
    Authors: Dalek, and 3 more
    Artists: John Ridgway, and 6 more
    Published by: IDW
    • Discontinued

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Doctor Who Classics #4

Richard Starkings, Paul Cornell, Dan Abnett & others (w) - Lee Sullivan, Gerry Dolan, John Ridgway (a) - Matthew Dow Smith (c)

Doctor Who Classics is back, presenting classic comic strips many never before reprinted and in color for the very first time! This issue includes the finale of ‘Nemesis of the Daleks,’ featuring the Seventh Doctor. Also included are ‘Starway to Heaven’ and the first part of ‘Hunger at the Ends of Time.’

Fc - 32 pages - $3.99